Iguana Bondage:

The New Moral Plague?

[Really grainy picture of a prone iguana bound hand & foot --- or foot & foot, rather --- which would probably be grey blur if I scanned it in, which I don't have the wherewithal to do anyhow]
Not a victimless crime: the chilling aftermath of Iguana Bondage

Fellow Christians,

With the blight of liberalism upon this fair land of ours, most of us have grown accustomed, if not acclimated, to the many moral attrocities committed by the less discriminating and the less Godly. I am of course speaking in regards to Iguana Bondage. This crime is against nature, against God and against the law in most civilized states. This is a call to arms. Stop this perversion before the Iguana Bondage pervert sodomite evolutionists get to your children! Already the Madison school system is filled with these subversives. When you next vote, be certain the candidate is a God-fearing anti-iguana-bondager.

Thank you for your prayers:
Gottlob Frege, Foundation for the Emancipation and Amplification of Reason