Warfare of Science with Theology

Preface to the Hypertext Edition

This is an excellent but unfortunately rare book --- a lifetime (admittedly, not yet a prologned one) of religiously prowling used bookstores on two continents for just such things as this, I've seen it only once --- or rather the first volume --- and then for about 5% of my monthly pay. It would be cheaper to print it out...

This hypertext is based on the Cardinalis Etext Press edition (July 1993, available from the Internet Wiretap as wartheo.txt). I've ventured to make this one because the Cardinalis edition is

  1. Well over 1.5 megabytes --- an inconvenient size to download when you want to read it
  2. Plaintext, so it doesn't look very nice, and you have to actually scroll through the whole thing to find what you're looking for --- like the place you left off last week
  3. Again, plaintext, so there is no explanatory matter. Dr. White is a clear writer but his book is now nearly a hundred years old, and much that was common knowledge in his day --- for instance, Latin --- is now obscure. Hypertext makes it fairly easy to attach explanations unobtrusively.
At present, I've gone about as far as is practical with (1), having broken down the book into chapters and the marked sub-chapters. (2) and (3) will take longer but are already underway.

Inasmuch as Warfare was published in 1896, it is entirely and unequivocally in the public domain.

Cosma Rohilla Shalizi