A Cthulhu Hymnal

Your Grey-Tinted '20s Mind

To the tune of ``Green-Tinted '60s Mind'' from Mr. Big's second album:

It just woke up but its still dead,
Is that the cultists still chanting?
It rips off all of their heads,
Its reachin' into your dreams,
Down in your heart,
If you say his name,
He'll tear you all apart.

Professors are screwy
In a 20's movie
Read the wrong book and die,
Insane legend baby
Try your very best to hide,
Your grey-tinted 20's mind.

They keep Cthulhu locked away,
But he is always escaping,
But that won't make him fade away,
He's reaching into your dreams,
Down in your heart,
If you see him,
It'll tear your mind apart,

Gotta face R'lyeh,
There is no other way (to),
Get the thoughts out of your mind,
Fill it up with screams,
That's all that you could seem,
To find....
Your grey-tinted 20's mind,


Hangin' out with Pickman,
Drawin' scary stickmen,
Could have escaped if you tried,
Where's your `loyal' horse?
Sacrificed of course,
Your grey-tinted 20's mind.

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