I'll Put Down What I'm Doing

Stuff I put on my home page back when the Web was quite new (i.e., 1994). I'm not prepared to stand by any of it, but I hope they're not all completely worthless.
"On Chomsky: A `Study in Total Depravity'."
Why Chomsky, while deservedly extremely eminent, is not as towering a figure as many people think.
The Four Post-Modernizations
A mercifully-failed attempt at prophecy.
Jesus Cthulhu
"Cthulhu saves, in case he's hungry later."
Oblivion Her Poppy
Interlinked, almost free-associated pieces of prose about drugs and development and corruption and violence, memory and history and family and decay. An attempt at being hypertextual and poetic, from a pretty linear and prosaic person.
William James at CERN: Some Examples of Selection in Minds and Compters
"Sing, Ye Countinghouse Muses"
An essay on musicians, commerce, aristocracy and the uses of myths in ancient Greece.
The Story So Far
An attempt at spinning out a deliberately absurd conspiracy theory. A failed specimen of the genre: not vicious enough.

(This page, like my homepage, used to play William Shatner singing "Mr. Tambourine Man" in an endless loop, but that no longer amuses me.)