Complex Networks

02 Aug 2019 10:39

Having written a whole pop-sci article about these things (see below), I won't explain them at all here. This notebook is more of a placeholder than usual.

Stuff I should learn more about: structural complexity measures for graphs and ensembles of random graphs; Gibbs measures for equilibrium ensembles of graphs; Markovian graphs. Why does it seem like the edges are the important random variables, rather than the nodes?

Data analysis in general and community discovery in particular get their own notebooks. So does the connection between network topology and synchronization. The "homophily or influence?" problem. Graph limits and infinite exchangeable arrays. Embedding networks in hyperbolic spaces. Graph sampling algorithms, i.e., procedures for efficiently generating graphs with specified properties. Spectral properties.

See also: Biochemical Network Evolution; Citations and Citation Networks; Ecology; Graph Theory; Neuroscience; Signal Transduction, Gene Regulation and Control of Metabolism; Social Networks; Sociology of Science; Statistical Mechanics; Synchronization