The Bactra Review   Brainchildren
In particular, in addition to what I've already said about multiple personality, I'm not as convinced as Dennett seems to be that language is a precondition of consciousness. I rather suspect that our brains, and those of our hominid ancestors, have commanding heights quite adequate for imposing serial consciousness on a parallel brain, even if the brain isn't infected with language, but is otherwise normal. Resolving such matters is but one of the reasons why the return of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II cannot be too ardently desired.

---Also, I confess myself quite puzzled by his avowal of the ``futility of correspondence theories of truth'' (p. 118), since much of his own theorizing depends on representations corresponding (or failing to correspond) to realities in a pretty strong sense. (But then, I've never understood why people who reject correspondence still ask for directions when lost or read cook-books.)