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That many of the Logical Positivists actually subscribed to forms of linguistic or cultural relativism is surprisingly little-known. For contemporary criticism, see Bertrand Russell's Inquiry Concerning Meaning and Truth and his My Philosophical Development. The historical connection between positivist and later relativism is explored in the opening chapters of Larry Laudan, Beyond Positivism and Relativism, especially the links through Quine and Kuhn --- though Laudan does not mention that the Structure of Scientific Revolutions was originally published in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science series!

It would be amusing to compile evidence in favor of the proposition that continental philosophy recycles and mystifies the themes of earlier analytical philosophy, and even try to estimate the characteristic lag-time; but I doubt it would be anything more than amusing.

---Incidentally, while a number of contributors express surprise that Neurath doesn't fit the stereotype of positivism put forward by the Frankfurt School during the so-called ``Positivism Debate'' in German sociology, as indeed he does not, none seem to have been lead by this to doubt the general soundness of that stereotype. (For a caustic critique, see the chapters on Marcuse and the Frankfurt School in vol. III of Leszek Kolakowski, Main Currents of Marxism.)