While We Are on the Subject: Aliens and the Conspiracy

The key question is, of course, ``Where are they?'' Ex hypothesi, the Earth has been putting out anomalous radio noise for 2,500 years; one would think someone would have come to investigate, if only they were able.

In fact, the Conspiracy has made contact with some of Them - namely the Martians. The evidence of the Face and Pyramids on Mars is, when combined with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Clarke, Heinlein, Bradbury, Niven and many others, quite compelling. Evidently there are two species of Martians, one autareonous and vaguely resmbling insects, the other humans genetically modified to fit the environment. No doubt the Viking results, and the Mariner maps, were faked by the Conspiracy. The canals are underground, to reduce evaporation losses. Whether this useful technique was introduced to Mars from the Middle East or vice versa is unclear. First contact was probably made well before +1000. (Whether Venus is also a la Burroughs & Bradbury, with the purported hideous conditions being more Conspiracy disinformation, is currently unknown.)

Still, where are the interstellar aliens? A trivial difference of a million years in when another planet got its first tool-using intelligences and their Cthulhus could have arrived a long time ago.

It is certain that the Conspiracy was not started by aliens.

In fact, They have not come, and are not coming. Humans are at least the technological, if not the intellectual, pinnacle of the available galaxy. We may even be the first space-faring species in the galaxy.

An extension of this has been suggested. The Universal Unpleasantness Conjecture (pronounced: ``Uuk!'') states that humans are the best the universe has been able to produce. Technically, intellectually, morally or aesthetically, everyone else is worse. This is, in the words of Dr. Pangloss, the best of all possible worlds. (Voltaire's suggestion in Micromegas that everyone else is better than us is thus obviously satire on the atrocious trolls who are our neighbors.) Evidently the UUC has found support among the Conspiracy, for as Russell says, ``If I buy a crate of oranges, and discover that the first layer is entirely rotten, it is not rational to suppose that the rest is of surpassing excellence to make up for it.''