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Comments from My Students, Physics 208, Fall 1994

He's pretty good at what he does. Maybe he could brush up on his social graces.

Well, I think Cosma has done an admirable job in his first year as a TA. He seems genuiely concerned about helping the student when he is approached. However, his attitude & personality is somewhat pompous & arrogant, though I think he does have an honest & sincere quality about him. His approach to teaching physics is fairly good considering he has trouble sometimes describing the Physics process. I think this is due to this being his first year of teaching.

It is clear that Cosma has a great deal of command of his subject material. In addition, he knows a great deal about English, Latin, Philosophy, etc. However, it is an instructor's duty and role to be more informed than the students, yet Cosma appears to believe that his superior grasp of both physics & other matters in academia is a quality to be flaunted to the class. I wish he would stop it. (Though I do like the additional snippits of extra-curricular education, I just wish they weren't snooty). In general: 1) Pauses to think of witty retorts to student comments are distracting, 2) I like the quotations & comments on papers.

Cosma is a pleasant person. He obviously knows Physics, but he needs to be more punctual to labs. And he has a very cynical attitude towards the students. Strange teaching habits. Seems to want to finish the labs and get out of here.

Is a pretty good TA. Discussion starts on time, but lab sometimes is different situation. Explains things clearly and easy to understand.

Cosma is very effective in presenting different ways to approach a problem. He's very easygoing, and willing to find the point at which the student doesn't understand.

Cosma was a great guy but I don't think he's cut out to be a T.A. He definitely knows his stuff but he is way to impatient to deal w/those who don't.

Cosma is extremely pompous and his attitude towards students sucks. He expects us to understand things without much explanation and then gets frustrated when we don't. He makes me feel very uncomfortable, and he makes me feel as if he could give a s--- how anyone in his section does. I don't think Cosma should not be a TA because he puts himself so above his students. Sure, he is smart in Physics, but I know a h--- of a lot more about proper social skills than he does.

Sometimes somewhat cynical, but usually helpful and always knowledgable.

I like Cosma.

Cosma could improve attitude towards students. Could also improve attitude toward discussion and lab. Sometimes condescending. Feel as if I don't want to ask questions in discussion (sometimes).

It seems that he sometimes makes the students feel inferior. [I confess this one puzzles me. --- CRS]


I do not think he really helps the students learn. He does not seem to care whether his students do well or not in the course. I do like the way he runs labs. He comes across as pompous at time. I would not want him as a TA ever again. I find him unapproachable.

Shold be more punctual. He should make discussion more helpful.