August 29, 2018

Data over Space and Time, Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course

Any lesson plan that survives first contact with the students is a good one. Have some slides:

(R Markdown source file).

Not un-related:

  1. I appear to be the last carbon-based life-form actually running Blosxom. I'd appreciate hearing about replacements with not too much of a learning curve.
  2. To-do queue, papers: Revise text to reply to referees x1; continue to bug editor about where the referee reports are, x2; figure out if the referees were right that the paper was neither fish nor fowl, x1; revise to take into account friendly critique of the draft and make the figures and tables reproducible, x1; write detailed mathematical appendix and take half-assed math out of the body of the text, x1
  3. How does anyone ever finish a book? Do books even exist?

Corrupting the Young; Enigmas of Chance

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