November 13, 2018

Data over Space and Time, Lecture 20: Markov Chains


Corrupting the Young; Enigmas of Chance

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November 12, 2018

Course Announcement: Advanced Data Analysis (36-402/36-608), Spring 2019

Attention conservation notice: Announcement of an advanced undergraduate course at a school you don't attend in a subject you don't care about.

I will be teaching 36-402/36-608, Advanced Data Analysis, in the spring.

This will be the seventh time I'll have taught it, since I took it over and re-vamped it in 2011. The biggest change from previous iterations will be in how I'll be handling class-room time, by introducing in-class small-group exercises. I've been doing this in this semester's class, and it seems to at least not be hurting their understanding, so we'll see how well it scales to a class with four or five times as many students.

(The other change is that by the time the class begins in January, the textbook will, inshallah, be in the hands of the publisher. I've finished adding everything I'm going to add, and now it's a matter of cutting stuff, and fixing mistakes.)

Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View

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Data over Space and Time, Lectures 18 and 19: Simulation for Inference

Lecture 18: The Bootstrap (.Rmd)

Lecture 19: The Method of Simulated Moments and Indirect Inference (.Rmd)

Corrupting the Young; Enigmas of Chance

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November 03, 2018

In Memoriam Joyce Fienberg

I met Joyce through her late husband Stephen, my admired and much-missed colleague. I won't pretend that she was a close friend, but she was a friend, and you could hardly hope to meet a kinder or more decent person. A massacre by a deluded bigot would be awful enough even if his victims had been prickly and unpleasant individuals. But that he murdered someone like Joyce --- five blocks from where I live --- makes it especially hard to take. I am too sad to have anything constructive to say, and too angry at living in a running morbid joke to remember her the way she deserves.

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November 01, 2018

Data over Space and Time, Lecture 17: Simulation

Lecture 16 was canceled.


Corrupting the Young; Enigmas of Chance

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Three-Toed Sloth