A Cthulhu Hymnal

Like Azathoth

Author's name accidentally deleted. To the tune of ``Like a Virgin'':

I made it through the Hounds
Somehow I made it through
Way out from Tindalos
Until the Act was one

I was lost, and alone
I was deaf, neither could I see
And it made me grow
Yes it made me grow

Like Azathoth
Here since the very First Time
Like Azathoth
Overboiling, dumb and blind

Gonna crush all
From the Universe's center
A Nuclear Chaos broadcast

You're so fine, and you're mine
Since the Beginning of the Time
Oh, your organs sprout out
Yes, your organs sprout out
'Cause my gravity's so high


You're so fine, and you're mine
I am the Sultan of Demons
And you make me feel
Yeah you make me feel
Nothing at all


Like Azathoth, ooh, ooh
Like Azathoth
Feels so good inside
When they're piping, and they're yelling, and we're shaking

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Can't you feel my mass pulse
Since the very First Time

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