A Cthulhu Hymnal

Onward, Cthulhu Cultists

By Simon Barber. To the tune of ``Onward, Christian Soldiers'':

Onwards, Cthulhu Cultists, just a few more years
Waiting till the Stars Are Right, when he Reappears
Rising from the ocean, striding to the shore
Claiming as his birthright, lands he ruled before

Onwards Cthulhu Cultists, like in times before
Best get on his good side, or he'll eat us raw!

Great is Lord Cthulhu --- this you ought to know
To get in his good books, while he sleeps below
Imprisoned in Ry'leh, far beneath the waves
Till we liberate him, from his living grave


Think of divine splendour, shaped not unlike Man
But with beard of tentacles --- picture if you can!
Splendid wings of ebon hue, spread beneath the moon
Sleeping down the aeons, dreaming from his tomb


Once he ruled in majesty, in the days of yore
Earth was young and splendid, and His was the Law
Till the jealous Elder Gods, envying his skill
Bound him with their symbols --- but we serve him still!


Soon comes the Millennium, face it without fear
If you love Cthulhu, then your future's clear
Ignore Nostrodamus, skip the Rapture too
Cthulhu is recruiting --- what he wants, is YOU!


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