Modern architecture and design

16 Aug 1995 21:25

I once asked Mies van der Rohe, then my faculty colleage at Illinois Institute of technology, how he got the opportunity to build the Tugendhat house --- a startlingly modern design at the time of its construction. The prospective owner had come to Mies after seeing some of the quite conventional houses he had designed earlier in the Netherlands when he was still an apprentice. "Wasn't the client shocked," I asked, "when you put before him your glass and metal design?" "Yes," said Mies, viewing the tip of his cigar reflectively, "he wasn't very happy at first. But then we smoked some good cigars ... and we drank some glasses of a good Rhine wine ... and then he began to like it very much."
---Herbert Simon, The Sciences of the Artificial, 3rd ed., p. 151

Bauhaus and related movements. International Style. Views of participants; of contemporary critics; of present-day critics. Of post-modern critics. Practical success or failure. Historical roots. Ties to other sorts of modernism. See also architecture and design in general.