IQ, and Mental Testing More Generally

08 Dec 2023 12:21

I think these have been dead ends, of almost no scientific value. Having written about this at inordinate length, I won't repeat myself here. I will however permit myself to re-iterate that while IQ may be uniquely obnoxious in the uses to which it is put, the same methodological flaws undermine many other parts of psychology, and indeed other areas of social science. (Glymour more or less speaks for me on this point.)

--- One of the sidelights to this literature which I find hilarious is that there is a well-established negative correlation between political conservatism and IQ. (I find the fact that this paper was published in Intelligence especially amusing, but more sedate meta-analyses back it up.) This is, of course, ironic, given the political valences the debate over IQ has acquired. But it also poses the puzzle of why an intelligence test shouldn't, in fact, add a battery where subjects are asked to agree or disagree with various political shibboleths, and more conservative answers depress the estimate of \( g \).