Particle physics

03 Oct 1994 12:02

[I'm leaving the next few paragraphs just as I wrote them in 1994, out of a sort of embarrassed nostalgia.]

And all I see is little dots
Some are smears some are spots
It's not just a discipline (cf. it is, to an unblushing, unreconstructed materialist reductionist like myself, the discipline. (Well, I blush, but not for particle physics.) Frankly, the idea that the Republic can come up with another \$25 billion in lethal toys, and \$60 billion in tax-cuts for the rich, but can't afford the SSC or the national labs, "maketh my gorge to rise." I suppose if we manage to discover something obscenely hideous, we'll get another half century of decent funding.
When they split those atoms
It's hotter than the sun