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Student Comments, Physics 202, Fall 1996

He is one of the best TA's I have had at college. He understands what we go through and explains every thing well.

Seems to understand and explain better than most TA's.

Cosma is a very good TA and an asset to any student's learning.

Could have graded labs weekly instead of waiting till end of year.

I think while doing poroblems in discussion, he should tell us more about his thought processes and what he is thinking about and associating to solve problems.

This TA is the best. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He would make a great lectuerer.

Was always very available to help and did a really good job, taking time out to give 1-on-1 assistance. My only complaint was that he sometimes did what the class wanted even when it didn't have the most educational value. Overall, was about 500 times better than the first TA I had. His name was K. N. and he was awful. [The student wrote the full name, and the evaluation committee included that in what they gave me. Those aren't his initials.]

He's great! I would like to have him as my professor.

Cosma is hands down the best TA that I have ever had in Physics or any other class. He is extremely knowledgable and has helped tremendously. Also, his review sessions before the test are excellent, evidenced by all the students from his section and others in attendance.

Cosma is by far one of, if not the, best TA(s) I have ever had the pleasure of having. He has the right attitude and personality to actually make discussion/lab sections interesting. He deserves many kudos. I really appreciate his efforts. Give him a raise!

He does an awesome job of teaching and helping us, through his dry humor. He's a great TA, and I'm glad I got stuck with him.

He really understands the material well and can teach it effectively. He makes physics more interesting and fun. (Well, as fun as it can be!)

Cosma Shalizi --- what can I say? Honest, hardworking, and a great credit to the Physics Department. Without his help, I would not understand any of the material. He will make a great professor someday. Maybe I'll retake the class just to laugh and learn.

I like the format of discussion with going over problems. Personally, the best way to learn is to solve the problems and Cosma gives good explanations to book problems. Review sessions are helpful and informative. Cosma's knowledge of the material (as far as I can tell) is extraordinary.