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Student Comments, Physics 201, Spring 1996

Cosma made lab periods fun and enjoyable.

Quizzes are not on schedule with the syllabus and too confusing for the material. Also there were not enough.

He is generally helpful, I often learn more in discussion than I do in class.

Very bright, knows material well enough to answer any question spontaneously. Courteous, answers anything.

Gets impatient, hates explaining something more than once.

Cosma is the best TA I've had, he does a great job, the only thing that could be better was if he was a good-looking girl.

I think Cosma is an excellent TA. He seems to genuinely care about the students.

TA returned papers very late. This doesn't help for effective feedback. Quizzes were often harder than homework problems. TA came hung over to lab. [Once! --- CRS]


Unlike most of my TA's, Cosma spoke English clearly, was easy to understand and overall was very helpful.

The TA often erases the homework answers that he has just written or discussed on the board too fast!!

Please give us more time to write down your explanation about a problem before you erase the blackboard.

Unlike many math/science TA's, Cosma speaks English which is a plus. Also he has an interesting sense of humor which makes the class enjoyable.