America, United States of

21 Jul 2023 11:34

The furnace where the future is being forged.
--- Trotsky
See also cultural criticism. A more-than-usually-inadequate notebook.

I'm particularly interested in the cultural, social and economic changes around 1880--1920, which seems to be when we did become what Trotsky took us to be, and finally gave up on being a rural republic. This, to my mind, was a Good Thing, but I want to understand it better. (I've written a little about this in two book reviews (1, 2). E.g., how did our experience during this period compare with that of other industrializing countries? How different was it from, e.g., Germany, Italy or Japan?

See also: the Cold War; Congress; Foreign Policy (American)

We are stranger than you imagine, and probably more dangerous.
--- Patrick Nielsen Hayden