Daniel Dennett

22 Aug 2004 12:30

There's a party in my mind
And the party never stops
Party up there all the time
Gonna party till they drop
One of my favorite writers, whose books have changed my mind about things like what a self really is and whether or not there's free will. He was Quine's student, and I rather expect he'll one day hold a similar position to his teacher's. He now has a homepage of his own.

See also: Adaptation; Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life; William Calvin; Cognitive Science; Richard Dawkins (they're thick as thieves); Darwin Machines; Ethics, Game Theory and Biology; Evolution; Evolutionary Epistemology; Evolutionary Psychology; William James (Dennett in a previous incarnation); Julian Jaynes; Memes, and Related Ideas about the Evolution of Culture; Narratives; Nietzsche (whom Dennett calls the "second sociobiologist," the first being Hobbes); Neuroscience; Philosophy of Mind; Possession and Multiple Personality Disorder; Universal Images and Cultural Universals