Philosophy of Mind

03 Oct 1994 12:02

The academic discpline formerly known as philosophical psychology. Not quite the same thing as cognitive science, or neuroscience, or even artificial intelligence; unless the philosopher of mind decides that it is, and polemicizes accordingly.

See also: Connectionism; Dynamics and Cognition; Neutral Monism

  • Carsten Griesel, "The Type-Token Distinction and the Mind and Brain Sciences", phil-sci/3860
  • David Hume
  • William James, Principles of Psychology [Online]
  • Pete Mandik and Andy Clark, "Selective Representing and World-Making,", Minds and Machines 12 (2002): 383--395 [PDF. I've commented on this paper in my blog.]
  • Ruth Garrett Millikan, Language, Thought and Other Biological Categories [To be honest, I'm not quite finished with it yet, but unless it takes a drastic turn for the worse in the last few chapters, this is excellent]
  • Jean Piaget, Insights and Illusions of Philosophy
  • Gilbert Ryle, The Concept of Mind [While thoroughly wrong-headed in opposing non-behavioristic psychology and mechanistic accounts of the mind, it's at the very least useful to think against, and quite well-written.]

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