Karl Marx (1818--1883)

06 May 2024 20:36

I am frankly astonished, in retrospect, that it has taken me this long to realize I need a notebook about Marx...

I have written before that Marx was one of the great thinkers of western civilization, and I was completely sincere in doing so. All of us who come after him are influenced by him and the richer for it. I also happen to think he was wrong about a hell of a lot of very important stuff. In this he resembled most of the other great thinkers. One of the ways he differs from most of the other great thinkers is that very few of them have so many active contemporary partisans.

To the extent that I have any worthwhile things to say about Marx's most important intellectual contributions, they are contained in the notebook on historical materialism and my blog post on Capital I.

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