January 29, 2003

Abusive Everywhere, Always and Towards All?

Just when you thought there was nothing more to be exposed about the Catholic Church, something like this --- something that might've been ripped from The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk or other anti-Papist propaganda --- always comes along: tens of thousands of Irish women enslaved in laundries by nuns over more than a century. "Girls who had become pregnant, even from rape, girls who were illegitimate, or orphaned, or just plain simple-minded, girls who were too pretty and therefore in `moral danger' all ran the risk of being locked up and put to work, without pay, in profit-making, convent laundries, to `wash away their sins.'" Of course, they would be for-profit. Of course, it would be the Magdalen Sisters who would torment women taken in adultery. Of course, the Church would refuse to apologize, and bishops would say that really they were only trying to help.

The Running-Dogs of Reaction

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