November 16, 2003

Re-Elect Gore in 2004!

I seem to recall Ralph Nader and some of his supporters actually welcoming the GOP victory in 2000, on the grounds that it would energize and even radicalize the opposition. I'm not sure if goading Al Gore into denouncing the Bush administration as a threat to the republic was quite what they had in mind, however:

This Administration simply does not seem to agree that the challenge of preserving democratic freedom cannot be met by surrendering core American values. Incredibly, this Administration has attempted to compromise the most precious rights that America has stood for all over the world for more than 200 years: due process, equal treatment under the law, the dignity of the individual, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, freedom from promiscuous government surveillance. And in the name of security, this Administration has attempted to relegate the Congress and the Courts to the sidelines and replace our democratic system of checks and balances with an unaccountable Executive.

It's probably just as well that Gore's not running again, but can anyone (on our side, I mean) seriously tell me we're better off because his margin of victory was not wide enough to keep things out of the hands of Justice Scalia? [Via MoveOn.]

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