November 18, 2003

A Remarkable Likeness

Via the one they call Mr. Happy, the Which of the Imagist poets are you quiz:

You are Amy Lowell (1874-1925), author of Sword Blades and Poppy Seed, Can Grande's Castle, etc. You're privileged and aristocratic, and even though you love art and hang out with poor bohemians, there's always a sense of opulence about you. Your soul is romantic and you dream of castles and Oriental gardens.
(Let's not forget Men, Women, and Ghosts and A Dome of Many-Colored Glass.) Apt, so very apt; and yet Mr. Phelan, my high school English teacher, was so certain I'd turn out to be Ezra Pound, and he was very rarely wrong about that kind of thing...

Why yes, Kris is out of town, how could you tell? What do you mean, "she doesn't let you write nonsense at 3:30 am"?

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