January 19, 2004

News from Tartary III

Since I'm really revising papers today, and not blogging (hi Rob, hi Cris), I'll give one substantive link, one insubstantial one, and two links to sites with actual content.

Return to Afghanistan is a sextet of nicely-shot video pieces from the Washington Post by one Travis Fox. There's no date, that I can see, but references to the political process puts it around late 2003, probably November or December.

Asia Times reports that the company which owns Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell is preparing to open franchises in Tibet. The article then goes on to talk about how the corporation has tried to adapt its offerings to China, and to prepare the Chinese for Mexican-American fast food. There's nothing about what they're planning in the way of adaptations to Tibet, however. (Via Danny Yee.)

Central Asian Journal is a group blog on Central Asia at LiveJournal; they take an expansive view of the territory, including Mongolia, etc. (Via Mitchell Porter, in e-mail.)

Finally, Nathan Hamm's The Argus does a fine job of "keeping an eye on Central Asia and the Caucauses so you don't have to". I've been following it for a while now, but have been remiss about reciprocal linking. (I should maybe add that on the occasions when Hamm express his views about American politics, I find them as odd as he, no doubt, finds mine.)

Now, back to smiting referees about the head and thighs.

Afghanistan and Central Asia

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