February 24, 2004

The Greatest of These Is Charity

Having just groused about not getting crackpot e-mail, I've just gotten a crackpot e-mail. I present for your consideration the Evolutionary Panaltruism of Mr. Robert E. Cobb. This is a colorful delusional system, assembled entirely from the contents of popular science books, but like any true work of psychoceramica, more easily appreciated than described. Readers of Carlo Ginzburg's The Cheese and the Worms can amuse themselves by contrasting Cobb and Menocchio, and applying Ginzburg's techniques to identify the former's sources.

In related news, non-crackpot Jay Han writes to tell me about the Psychoceramic Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sifting the wheat of novelty from the chaff of psychotic ramblings. I wish them luck, but am not inspired by the fact that they think Einstein was once held to be a crackpot, a legend I'd have hoped was long since laid to rest.


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