March 08, 2004

"Mars used to have an atmosphere, but they didn't listen"

They just keep coming to me. (Admittedly, I leave out bait.) I submit, for your favorable consideration,

The Pope, Traditional Medicine people worldwide, The Pentagon, NASA, FEMA...

...The United Nations, Climatologists, Crop Researchers, Scientists, Reinsurors, Oceanographers, - they now consider that which they had not supposed...

...that the weather worldwide will soon change drastically. The Gulfstream is shutting down. Volcanism is increasing, as it usually does during ice ages cycles. A new ice age is beginning.

The Hopi and Mayan elders predicted ALL of this.

We have elders available for radio interviews to explain these things.

I am always happy to hear elders on the radio explaining things to come --- the elder the better, I say.

I should be blogging, rather than making fun of the intellectually handicapped. But I have a conference deadline and a talk to students next week, two seminars the week after that, and seven papers and a book proposal to referee. Bill vents by blogging about refereeing; I obtained equivalent relief by beginning my reports "This MS. is completely lacking in scientific interest and should be rejected". (Yes, that's me.) Hopefully life will become less hectic before the climate is destroyed.


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