March 13, 2004

What Good Are Notebooks?

I discovered the Web at some point during the first few months of 1994, back when the only browsers were on the NeXT, and telneting to CERN. This was, perhaps, the most valuable thing I got out of studying high-energy physics. By that summer I had a website, which was probably what you'd expect of a homepage written by a twenty-year-old physics geek with awful intellectual pretensions. One of the few things of my own I put online in 1994 that I still like are my Notebooks, probably because I've been updating them ever since. (But some of them are still just as they were ten years ago, and yes it shows.) Because I don't have enough other ways of procrastinating, I've redesigned them over the last few months, so they include a basic search tool, RSS feeds, and even a stab at formatting. I was tempted to wait for the actual tenth anniversary before making the redesign public, but (a) Bill mentioned it, and (b) I don't have that kind of patience anyway. Since I have to finish a paper establishing that Our Earthshattering Approach outperforms the Old Stupid Approach to the Cartesian Snooker Problem by 3 o'clock Tuesday, I'm not going to be blogging much here, so I'd appreciate it if you'd treat the new-and-improved notebooks as the equivalent of 432 posts.


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