February 08, 2005

We Interrupt This Hiatus for a Crass Commercial Announcement

A (positive) number of people have written to ask me not to stop blogging. Rest assured this isn't permanent; I'll start up again. Right now, though, there are seven partially-finished papers sitting on my computer desktop. Regular posting will resume when they're done, or at least when I can pass them off to my co-authors. I'll probably keep updating the reading list in the sidebar, but that's it.

In the meanwhile, I have been going over my bookshelves in a rather jaundiced mood. Taking each volume into my hands, I ask, Does it contain anything I will want to read again? No. Does it contain anything I will get around to reading at all? No. Did I buy it a few weeks before a friend who knows my tastes too well gave me a copy? Yes. Commit it then to the flames of the second-hand book market: for it can contain nothing that's worth the shelf-space. Suffering as I do from the same weakness as Hurree Babu, there are rather a lot of books in the first two categories. (Some might ask why I didn't do this long since, and I wouldn't have a good answer.) Interested parties can look at the listings; I may add some more this weekend.

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