October 21, 2005

Some Iron Is Best Struck Cold

Back when Wolfram's monstrous tome came out, in the summer of 2002, I wrote a long review, which I "left to the gnawing criticism of the mice", thinking I'd get back to it when the cultural moment was safely past. Since I'm not getting anywhere tonight showing that the error in my filtering scheme is a non-negative supermartingale, and need to procrastinate some people who saw the manuscript liked it, and Wolfram keeps on keeping on, I felt I might as well brush off the dust, make a few adjustments, and put it online. Enjoy, if you're into that kind of thing.

Manual trackback: Bill Tozier; Quantum Pontiff; Danny Yee; Bruce Sterling ("maybe reviewers shouldn't pick on isolated, wealthy math geniuses who have intensely private, highly bonkers-sounding, self-published cosmological schemes. I mean -- what if he comes out of his ivory basement and deliberately DISTURBS THE UNIVERSE? We could be looking at the pixelated rags and tatters of reality by Friday!"); Geekable; Omniorthogonal; Three Quarks Daily; Jonathan Goodwin/The Valve; Crooked Timber; Chrononautic Log; Nonplatonic; East of the Sun, West of the Moon; Paracelsus Rambles; Blog Khoa Hoc Máy Tính; Dubbings and Diversions

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