July 25, 2006

Two Menances to the Keystone State

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Two of my more public-spirited fellow citizens have recently identified looming threats to our own Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  1. Our beloved junior senator, Rick Santorum (via Pharyngula):
    Most scientists unfortunately, those that certainly are advocating for this [embryonic stem cell research], and many others feel very little moral compulsion. It's a utilitarian, materialistic view of doing whatever they can do to pursue their desired goals.

    I, for one, will be happier voting on Mr. Santorum's re-election in November, knowing that my ballot will play a part in the age-old struggle between utilitarian materialism and deontological idealism, as well as the sagas of human-canine relations and Old Corruption.

  2. Our beloved linguistics professor, Mark Liberman:
    More than a third of all Pennsylvanians are native speakers of a language other than English — and many of them have not even tried to learn English since immigrating, or at least prefer to carry out their daily lives in another language, living together in neighborhoods where their native language dominates. Some people worry that the majority status of English is critically endangered. 25 years ago, a major political figure warned that these "aliens ... will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion", and so far, his prediction seems to be right on the money.

    And let's not forget what they've done to our cooking!

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