July 01, 2007

The Ship of Fools (Part I of OH NOES! MUSLIMZ! DO NOT WANT!)

He's not Sebastian Brant or Katherine Anne Porter, but still, if you haven't read Johann Hari's account of going on a cruise with the readers and writers of the National Review, you really should. Your options are (1) subscribe to The New Republic, (2) use bugmenot, or (3) wait for someone to leave a copy lying around.

It's hilarious, until you remember that these are the voices heard by our madmen in authority. Then you laugh until you cry.

And, if you think that prophesies of "Eurabia" are something more than just bigoted fear-mongering — well, no. Remember, children, as a sage has said, "he who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense".

(The sub-title comes from commenter "ajay" in this Crooked Timber thread, talking about something slightly different.)

The Running-Dogs of Reaction; Islam

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