Neural Coding

30 Aug 2021 10:21

And the statistics of neural spike trains more generally.

Since I've written about the neural coding problem, at great length, in my review of Spikes (see below), I won't repeat myself here.

Things to try to understand: Distributed and population codes. How much can be understood about coding without also understanding computation?

Things to do: Causal-state reconstruction on real neural spike data. (Done; see below.) Transducer state reconstruction; states of the inferred transducer = classes of stimuli (+ internal histories) which make a difference to the cell. The information coherence measure should indicate the quantity of distributed information in spike-trains. Calculate for actual neuronal circuits; does this interpretation make sense?

See also: Information Theory; Neural Modeling and Data Analysis; Parallel and Distributed Computing Stochastic Processes; Synchronization; Synchronization in Neural Systems; Time Series