April 17, 2003


I have just discovered a Turkish creationist (and anti-Masonic conspiracy theorist) linking to my notebook on Ilya Prigogine, mining what I say there and my accompanying citations to try to make it sound like self-organization is a myth, and evolution is thermodynamically impossible. I guess this means I have to go on record as saying that I have no connection with this "Harun Yahya", that his arguments about evolution and thermodynamics are century-old fallacies, and that self-organization can be demonstrated, in nature, in the lab, even in bloody cocktails, to anyone with eyes to see. It's true Prigogine's theories fail to account for these phenomena, but to go from that to saying the phenomena don't exist is mere bullshit. How someone can in one breath say they expect to stand soon before the Throne of Judgment to account for their words and deeds, and in the next breath be so blatantly dishonest, I will never understand.

Creationism; Self-Centered

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