February 28, 1974


See also Postcards and Kith and Kin.

On Shoggothim
Upcoming Talk: "Matching Random Features"
Random-Feature Matching
Belated Course Announcement: Two Mini-Courses on Networks, Fall 2016
On Reaching the Clearing at the End of the Tenure Track
End of Year Inventory, 2013
Ten Years of Sloth
When Fen-Dwelling Bayesians Can't Handle the Truth
End of Year Inventory, 2012
These are my preprints; also, publishers are to be destroyed
"Your Favorite ERGM Sucks", in Philadelphia
Upcoming Gigs
On Left Turn
On Signal Amplification
Ten Years of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity
Just How Quickly Do We Forget?
Sloth in Austin
End of Year Inventory, 2011
Why Think, When You Can Do the Experiment?
A Nudge Is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Bat
Projection as a Defense Mechanism for Social Network Models
First and Second City Sloth
Silence = Content (Again, Hopefully)
"When Bayesians Can't Handle the Truth"
Just Another Hangnail on the Hidden Hand
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, February 2011
Your City's a Sucker, My City's a Creep
Blogs and Bullets in Palo Alto
San Diego or Bust
Down the Stairs and to the Left (This Week at the Philosophy Colloquium)
Why I Am So Uncannily Prescient
End-of-Year Inventory, 2010
This Week Today! at the Complex Systems Colloquium
Model Complexity and Prediction Error in Macroeconomic Forecasting (or, Statistical Learning Theory to the Rescue!)
Across the Icy Waters of the North Atlantic
London Lodgings?
Consilience of Inductions
Fall 2010 Classes: 36-757 and 36-835
Praxis and Ideology in Bayesian Data Analysis
Return of "Homophily, Contagion, Confounding: Pick Any Three", or, The Adventures of Irene and Joey Along the Back-Door Paths
The Bootstrap
Recognition from Alma Mater
Rhetorical Autognosis
36-490, Undergraduate Research, Spring 2010
More Output
Upcoming Gigs: Bristol
Output Summary
"Homophily, Contagion, Confounding: Pick Any Three"
Blosxom Fading in November
Course Announcement: 36-350, Data Mining, Fall 2009
Because You Really Wished I'd Write More About Books
In Another Green World
On Tao's Structure and Randomness
Bayes < Darwin-Wallace
36-350, Data-Mining: Self-Evaluation and Lessons Learned
Fire, Metal, Form
End-of-Semester Inventory
Memos to Self, re: Pedagogy
"Here, bookie-bookie-bookie!"
MSS. in Preparation, and One-Way Hiatus
New Year's Eve Self-Knowledge Blogging
My New Office-Mate
Mail Clobbered
Upcoming Gigs: Newell-Simon Hall
Windows on the Social Life of the Mind
Uncle Fritz Explains How It Feels to Argue about Intelligence Tests
Our Posthuman Future Teeth
Upcoming Gigs: New York
"Natural Complexity: Theory and Data in Dialogue"
It's Not Who You Know, It's What You Do
Topping from Below
Corners Bumped
The Absorbing Boundary
Outside of a Dog
Our New Filtering Techniques Are Unstoppable!
Continuing the Flow of Brainy Material
Further to Heuristic Diversity
Exponential Families and Hybridity (Why Oh Why Can't Physicists Learn Better Probability and Statistics, Part N)
The Little Grey Cells Get Their Act Together
Mysteries of Academic Publishing
Spring and All
April Fool's Sloth
I Am Not Worthy (II)
Heard About Detroit, Heard About Pittsburgh PA
"Twelve Thousand Screaming Geophysicists", and One Sloth, in San Francisco
On Plagiarism
We Wuz 0wnd
Boreal Sloth
It Came from the Cartogram
Boccara on Modeling Complex Systems
Millennium, Modernity and Shrillness
Cover Model
The Circular Ruins
Return of the Sloth
Monday Exam Blogging
My First Applet
What Good Are Notebooks?
Things I've Learned Recently
I Am Not Worthy
Material Possessions, the Keys to Happiness and Enlightenment
Giving People What They Want
Your Tax Euros at Work
The Big Blue Room
It's Shaped Like a Box, See
To Whom It May Concern
Recognition at Last
Fan-Boy Moment
Fair and Balanced
Great-Granduncle Joe
Methods and Techniques
Truth in Advertising
Seven-Year Soup
Silence = Content
Going to Freedom
Hello, World!
How to Not Blog for a Month
Procrastinating? Me?

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