May 12, 2003

Seven-Year Soup

While on the subject of recently-finished manuscripts, here is the paper Kris and I wrote on "Quantifying Self-Organization in Cyclic Cellular Automata". (Citation details here.) The five or six people in the world who remember Is the Primordial Soup Done Yet? will recognize this as the experiment promised really soon in its conclusion --- back in the spring of 1996. Much as I'd like to rationalize the delay (as, e.g., taking years to figure out how to do the experiment right), it is, of course, merely another manifestation of the trait which earned me this nickname in the first place.

(The color figures in the paper, incidentally, were made with Mirek Wojtowicz's Java Cellebration, the applet version of his Cellebration, which is simply the best on-line CA simulator you'll find.)

Complexity ; Self-Centered

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