May 12, 2003


I will probably not be blogging for a while, since Gluttony, my Powerbook and supplementary brain, has developed an alarming tic of freezing up, responding to nothing except the power button, apparently if it's tilted too much. Clearly a trip to the repair store is called for. How long it's going to be there, I have no idea.

Fortunately, I managed to write my paper for DMCS 2003 last week; as of tonight, all twenty pages and five graphs of "Optimal Nonlinear Prediction of Random Fields on Networks" are available for your inspection at math.PR/0305160 on the Arxiv.

Unfortunately, I have to finish my 70+ page chapter on "methods of complex systems science" this week, possibly without a laptop...

Update, that evening: No clues about what's going on with the laptop; it could just be mere algorithmic bad luck. The hardware, apparently, is OK.

Complexity; Self-Centered

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