December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Self-Knowledge Blogging

Via Bob Sutton, I learn that Teresa Amabile revealed the secret of my success, such as it is, back in 1981:

Using edited excerpts from actual negative and positive book reviews, this research examined the hypothesis that negative evaluators of intellectual products will be perceived as more intelligent than positive evaluators. The results strongly supported the hypothesis. Negative reviewers were perceived as more intelligent, competent, and expert than positive reviewers, even when the content of the positive review was independently judged as being of higher quality and greater forcefulness. At the same time, in accord with previous research, negative reviewers were perceived as significantly less likable than positive reviewers. The results on intelligence ratings are seen as bolstering the self-presentational explanation of the tendency shown by intellectually insecure individuals to be negatively critical.
I am mentioned by name in Sutton's comments. A resolution may be called for.

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