April 19, 2010

The Bootstrap

My "Computing Science" column for American Scientist, "The Bootstrap", is now available for your reading pleasure. Hopefully, this will assuage your curiosity about how to use the same data set not just to fit a statistical model but also to say how much uncertainty there is in the fit. (Hence my recent musings about the cost of bootstrapping.) And then the rest of the May-June issue looks pretty good, too.

I have been reading American Scientist since I started graduate school, lo these many years ago, and throughout that time one of the highlights for me has been the "Computing Science" column by Brian Hayes; it was quite thrilling to be asked about being one of the substitutes while he's on sabbatical, and I hope I've come close to his standard.

After-notes to the column itself:

Enigmas of Chance; Self-Centered

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