April 14, 2003

How to Not Blog for a Month

  1. Agree to present a paper at a conference ten months in the future, because you are, after all, on the program committee and getting other people to attend.
  2. Further agree to present new work.
  3. Completely forget about this, until you get an email from the relevant society a week before the deadline for final manuscripts.
  4. Spend every fungible moment working on said paper. If you are on eastern time, and the society is on Pacific time, your absolutely final, last-chance deadline is 3am, not midnight.
  5. Remember that your code will contain at least two irritating numerical bugs.
  6. Remember that LaTeX style files have only a conjectural relationship to the actual format demanded by the proceedings.

Actually, I'm pretty happy with the resulting paper; it'll be fun to see what kind of reaction it gets.


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