January 07, 2008

MSS. in Preparation, and One-Way Hiatus

Speaking of "comments welcome", there are now pages for two works-in-progress, The Statistical Analysis of Complex Systems Models, and Almost None of the Theory of Stochastic Processes, with Aryeh (Leo) Kontorovich. (Almost None is the latest incarnation of my lecture notes for advanced probability.) Comments that prod me into working on the manuscripts more often are especially welcome.

And speaking of that, it's once again the point in the academic year when to keep from spending all of my time procrasting by reading blogs I delete my RSS reader until the semester's teaching is done. So the next few months, posts you especially think I should see should be brought to my attention either by e-mail or del.icio.us.

Self-Centered; Engimas of Chance; Complexity

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