January 01, 2014

End of Year Inventory, 2013

Attention conservation notice: Navel-gazing.

Paper manuscripts completed: 4
Papers accepted: 3
Papers rejected: 4 (fools! we'll show you all!)
Papers in revise-and-resubmit purgatory: 2
Papers in refereeing limbo: 1
Papers with co-authors waiting for me to revise: 7
Other papers in progress: I won't look in that directory and you can't make me

Grant proposals submitted: 5
Grant proposals funded: 1
Grant proposals rejected: 3 (fools! we'll show you all!)
Grant proposals in refereeing limbo: 2
Grant proposals in progress for next year: 1
Grant proposals refereed: 2

Talk given and conferences attended: 17, in 10 cities

Classes taught: 2 [i, ii]
New classes taught: 0
Summer school classes taught: 1
New summer school classes taught: 0
Pages of new course material written: not that much

Manuscripts refereed: 21
Number of times I was asked to referee my own manuscript: 0
Manuscripts waiting for me to referee: 5
Manuscripts for which I was the responsible associate editor at Annals of Applied Statistics: 4
Book proposals reviewed: 1
Book proposals submitted: 0
Book outlines made and torn up: 3
Book manuscripts completed: 0
Book manuscripts due soon: 1

Students who completed their dissertations: 0
Students who completed their dissertation proposals: 0
Students preparing to propose in the coming year: 4
Letters of recommendation sent: 60+
Dissertations at other universities for which I was an external examiner: 2 (i, ii)

Promotions received: 0
Tenure packets submitted: 1
Days until final decision on tenure: < 30

Book reviews published on dead trees: 0

Weblog posts: 93
Substantive posts: 17, counting algal growths
Incomplete posts in the drafts folder: 39
Incomplete posts transferred to the papers-in-progress folder: 1

Books acquired: 260
Books begun: 104
Books finished: 76
Books given up: 3
Books sold: 28
Books donated: 0

Major life transitions: 1


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