May 29, 2011

Silence = Content (Again, Hopefully)

Why I am so unresponsive lately:

Deadline for the NIPS 2011 conference
7:59 pm Pittsburgh time, Thursday 2 June.
Number of papers I am trying to submit with students and other collaborators
Somewhere between 5 and 7.
Deadline for the research and teaching statements part of my "case" for promotion to associate-professor-without-tenure
Wednesday 1 June.

Working on both of these undertakings reminds me uncomfortably of the gambler making sure the dice know how much he desires a shot at tenure down the road a new pair of shoes.

Update, 3 June: My laptop entered a cataleptic state as of noon on the 31st. I still managed to submit the six papers with co-authors. Blogging will continue to be sparse in the immediate future.


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