January 01, 2011

End of Year Inventory, 2010

Papers finished during 2010: 7
Papers written in response to "what's up with this?" e-mails from readers: 1
Papers accepted: 1
Papers in refereeing limbo: 2
Papers where I am grumbling about the third referee: 3
Papers which will be submitted next week, after giving typos a chance to ripen and become obvious: 1
Papers rejected: 0

Paper with co-authors waiting on my contributions: 2
"We should totally write a paper about this" conversations with non-trivial follow-up: 7

Manuscripts refereed: 34, for 14 journals and conferences
Manuscripts waiting for me to referee: 2
Manuscripts for which I was the responsible associate editor at Annals of Applied Statistics: 6

Grant proposals submitted: 4
Proposals funded: 1
Proposals in refereeing limbo: 2
Proposals rejected: 1

Students who finished and defended their dissertations: 1
Students who are now ABD: 1
Students at work on their dissertation proposals: 1
New classes taught or co-taught: 3 [i, ii, iii]

Talks given: 23, in 14 cities (or really 12 cities, one tourist village and one weird mansion in the middle of nowhere)

Book reviews published on dead trees: 3 [i, ii, iii]
Non-book-reviews published on dead trees: 1

Weblog posts written: 80
Substantive posts written: 34, counting algal growths

Books started: 202
Books finished: 186
Books bought: 366
Books sold: 304
Books donated: 750

Book manuscripts completed: 0

Major life changes: 1


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