January 07, 2011

Why I Am So Uncannily Prescient

<pomposity level="more than usual"> As may be verified from the date-stamps (and confirmed, in case there should be any question, through the Wayback Machine), I posted my neutral model of scientific inquiry days and days before the appearance of the risible ESP paper, and the nearly equally risible New Yorker piece on something being wrong with "the scientific method". (I shall not dignify either with a direct link.) Before, yet not so long before! Clearly, this is no mere coincidence! A vulgar mind, bound to what it misleadingly regards as material "realities", might suggest that I was led to write about a long-standing pet idea when several acquaintances who has been exposed to the pre-publication publicity for the ESP paper asked me what I thought of it. Higher beings, on the contrary, will clearly perceive that I now possess powers of prediction which allow me to see through the mist of time itself as though it were clear mountain air. (As those links suggest, I attribute the development of my powers to rigorously following the secret ascetic practices transmitted to me by the ascended masters of the turquoise trail, whom I sought out in the demon-haunted western deserts many years ago.) While it is gratifying to have so many people bring these proofs of my pre-cognitive abilities to my attention (gratifying, yet, in the nature of the case, quite unsurprising), you may now cease to do so. My spiritual energies are currently fully devoted to helping my students achieve enlightenment, and I must leave the pre-refuted to their fates. </pomposity>

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