January 01, 2012

End of Year Inventory, 2011

Attention conservation notice: Navel-gazing.

Paper manuscripts completed: 12
Papers accepted: 2 [i, ii], one from last year
Papers rejected: 10 (fools! I'll show you all!)
Papers rejected with a comment from the editor that no one should take the paper I was responding to, published in the same glossy high-impact journal, "literally": 1
Papers in refereeing limbo: 4
Papers in progress: I won't look in that directory and you can't make me

Grant proposals submitted: 3
Grant proposals rejected: 4 (two from last year)
Grant proposals in refereeing limbo: 1
Grant proposals in progress for next year: 3

Talk given and conferences attended: 20, in 14 cities

Manuscripts refereed: 46, for 18 different journals and conferences
Manuscripts waiting for me to referee: 7
Manuscripts for which I was the responsible associate editor at Annals of Applied Statistics: 10
Book proposals reviewed: 3

Classes taught: 2
New classes taught: 2
Summer school classes taught: 1
New summer school classes taught: 1
Pages of new course material written: about 350

Students who are now ABD: 1
Students who are not just ABD but on the job market: 1

Letters of recommendation written: 8 (with about 100 separate destinations)

Promotion packets submitted: 1 (for promotion to associate professor, but without tenure)
Promotion cases still working through the system: 1

Book reviews published on dead trees: 2 [i, ii]
Non-book-reviews published on dead trees: 1

Weblog posts: 157
Substantive weblog posts: 54, counting algal growths

Books acquired: 298
E-book readers gratefully received: 1
Books driven by my mother from her house to Pittsburgh: about 800
Books begun: 254
Books finished: 204 (of which 34 on said e-book reader)
Books given up: 16
Books sold: 133
Books donated: 113

Book manuscripts completed: 0

Wisdom teeth removed: 4
Unwise teeth removed: 1

Major life transitions: 0


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