September 04, 2015

"Reproducibility and Reliability in Statistical and Data Driven Research" (Week after Next Coming Soon at the Statistics Seminar)

Attention conservation notice: Publicity for an upcoming academic talk, of interest only if (1) you will be in Pittsburgh and (2) you care about whether scientific research can be reproduced.

The timeliness of the opening talk of this year's statistics seminar is, in fact, an un-reproducible, if welcome, coincidence:

Victoria Stodden, "Reproducibility and Reliability in Statistical and Data Driven Research"
Abstract: The reproducibility and computational inferences from data is widely recognized as an emerging issue in the scientific reliability of results. This talk will motivate the rationale for this shift, and outline the problem of reproducibility. I will then present ongoing research on several solutions: empirical research on data and code publication; the pilot project for large scale validation of statistical findings; and the "Reproducible Research Standard" for ensuring the distribution of legally re-usable data and code. If time permits, I will present early results assessing the reproducibility of published computational findings. Some of this research is described in my co-edited books, Implementing Reproducible Research and Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good.
Time and place: 4--5 pm on Monday, 14 September 2015, in Doherty Hall 1112 see below

As always, the talk is free and open to the public.

Update, 14 September: Prof. Stodden's talk has had to be rescheduled; I will post an update with the new date once I know it.

Enigmas of Chance; The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts

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