January 27, 2016

"Application of High-dimensional Linear Regression with Gaussian Design to Communication" (Next Week at the Statistics Seminar)

Attention conservation notice: Only of interest if (1) you care about the intersection of high-dimensional statistics with information theory, and (2) will be in Pittsburgh next Wednesday.

It is, perhaps, only appropriate that the first statistics seminar of the semester is about connections between high-dimensional regression, and limits on how fast information can be sent over noisy channels.

Cynthia Rush, "Application of High-dimensional Linear Regression with Gaussian Design to Communication"
Abstract: The use of smart devices and wireless networks is ubiquitous, creating a pressing need for low-complexity communications schemes that reliably deliver high data rates. In this talk, I demonstrate how I analyze the task of communicating over a noisy channel through the statistical framework of high-dimensional linear regression with Gaussian design and sparse coefficient vectors. Through this analysis, I show that theoretical bounds on the rate at which information can be communicated across a channel inform us about the minimum sample size necessary for successful support recovery, and I introduce my work on the use of computationally efficient iterative algorithms to solve such high-dimensional regression tasks.
Time and place: 4--5 pm on Wednesday, 3 February 2016, in 125 Scaife Hall

As always, the talk is free and open the public.

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