March 22, 2005

Origin of the Fermi Surface in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (I Don't Know You People, Part III)

It is, of course, altogether too easy to find crazy papers on, without even going to the string theory section. Today's listings provide the following, brought to my attention by Mok in e-mail.

Diderik Aerts, "Towards a New Democracy: Consensus Through Quantum Parliament", physics/0503078
Abstract: We compare different actual forms of democracy and analyse in which way they are variations of a 'natural consensus decision process'. We analyse how 'consensus decision followed by majority voting' is open to 'false play' by the majority, and investigate how other types of false play appear in alternative types of democratic decision procedures. We introduce the combined notion of 'quantum parliament' and 'quantum decision procedure', and prove it to be the only one, when applied after consensus decision, that is immune to false play.

What really makes me despair for the discipline, however, is when otherwise respectable journals (i.e., ones where I am myself an author and a referee) print papers which are just so insane you have to wonder if everyone involved --- authors, referees, editors, type-setters --- were pawns in a cruel, implacable plot by which the editorial collective of Social Text has sought vengence on the world of physics.

Alexandr A. Ezhov and Andrei Yu. Khrennikov, "Agents with left and right dominant hemispheres and quantum statistics", Physical Review E 71 (2005): 016138 [Journal link]
Abstract: We present a multiagent model illustrating the emergence of two different quantum statistics, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac, in a friendly population of individuals with the right-brain dominance and in a competitive population of individuals with the left-brain hemisphere dominance, correspondingly. Doing so, we adduce the arguments that Lefebvre's "algebra of conscience" can be used in a natural way to describe decision-making strategies of agents simulating people with different brain dominance. One can suggest that the emergence of the two principal statistical distributions is able to illustrate different types of society organization and also to be used in order to simulate market phenomena and psychic disorders, when a switching of hemisphere dominance is involved.

The most distinguished (and funky) living scholar of parliament has wisely told us to "Free your mind and your ass will follow". I wish I understood why so many of my fellow physicists appear to confuse freeing your mind with never taking a moment to ask yourself "Wait --- is this just batshit insane, or what?"

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